Establishment of Export Oriented Floriculture Center at Pattoki

Location: Pattoki, Multan, Rawalpindi
Duration: July 01, 2014 - June 30, 2017
Total Cost: Rs. 15.00 Millions


  • Development of commercial floriculture database
  • Introduction of new interventions like lilium, gerbera & carnation
  • Introduction of rose petals dehydration technology
  • Production of pathogen free plants through tissue culture techniques
  • Minimizing import of floricultural products by propagation and introduction of new germplasm
  • Supply of planting material on cheaper rates
  • Uplifting of farming community by increasing the farmer’s income through floricultural crops
  • Mobilization of women community

Potential Areas

  • Database survey for the commercial floriculture being carried out at Pattoki for further planning and development of floriculture
  • Export of rose petals
  • Provision of pathogen free plants to the farmers for quality production of floricultural products
  • Minimization in import of cut-flowers like lillium, carnation, gerbera & their planting material

Strategy to achieve the Objectives

  • Conduction Of  Data Based Survey Of Floriculture At Pattoki 
  • Introduction of Commercial Flowers Dehydration Technology at Multan
  • Up-gradation of Tissue Culture Project, Rawalpindi For Production of Pathogen Free Ornamental Plants


  • Production of 40000 saplings of each carnation & gerbera through tissue culture
  • Production of 100000 saplings of Gruss-an-Teplitz rose
  • Free of cost provision of 100000 saplings of Gruss-an-Teplitz rose to farmers
  • Conduction of workshops/seminars (15 Nos.)
  • Conduction of data based survey of floriculture at Pattoki