Following are the research plans for the year 2015-16:
  • Standardization of Lilium, Gerbera and carnation production under lath house
  • Effects of Superabsorbent on Qualitative Characteristics of Lawn
  • Performance of lawn grasses under different light intensities 
  • Evaluation of turf grasses for salinity tolerance 
  • Assessment of atmospheric Pollution of Heavy Metals with the Help of Ornamental Plants in  Faisalabad
  • Cultivation of jasminum sambac and tuberose for oil extraction
  • Screening of rose varieties for fungal diseases
  • Standardization of packing techniques for commercially important cut flowers and dissemination of techniques to enter pioneers  
  • Evaluation of gladiolus cultivars for cut flower production in multan
  • Regulation of flowering in bird of paradise by growth regulator application
  • Study on the Effect of Different Growing Media on the Growth and Yield of Gerbera