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Director Floriculture (T&R)
21-Davis Road
Punjab, Lahore
Phone: 042-99204573
Fax:     042-99201548
Javeid Iqbal Sheikh
Deputy Director Agriculture
Seed Farm/Green Belt,
21-Davis Road, Punjab, Lahore.
Phone:  042-99202363
Dr. Riaz-ur-Rehman
Horticulturist, Horticultural
Research Institute for Floriculture
& Landscaping, Rawalpindi.
Phone:  051-2840377
Muhammad Nasir Rasheed
Horticulturist, Horticultural Research
Sub-Station For Floriculture and Landscaping,
Phone: 041-2658125
Syed Fiaz Ali Shah
Assistant Horticulturist, 
Research Sub-Station For
Floriculture and Landscaping,
Phone:  061-9200320
Hafiz Riaz Ali Shah
Assistant Horticultural Officer,
Wild Flora Collection & Identification
Sub-Station Murree.
Phone:  051-3412328
Abdul Wahid
Senior Instructor,
Floriculture and Landscaping
Training Centre, Bagh-eJinnah,
Phone:  042-99201246