Directorate of floriculture is working for the improvement of Floriculture in Punjab by conducting research on different aspects of commercial Floriculture crops and imparting training to Public in the field of floriculture and landscaping.Floriculture and Landscaping is becoming popular day by day in cities. It has not only added to the scenic beauty of the area but has created clean atmosphere for the people. People have become landscaping and floriculture minded to a great extent. People try to get advice but advice given is not up to the mark. There are big cheaters who are cheating the people and drawing handsome amount from their pockets. Hence it is imperative to provide necessary advice through teaching and practical demonstration. Therefore Directorate of Floriculture is helping the people of urban areas to overcome their existing problems related to floriculture & landscaping.

Directorate of Floriculture was Established in 1987 with the mandate to train the People in the field of Floriculture. Mandate was enhanced in 1990 by including research component in Floriculture. Since independence, Floriculture and Landscape gardening gained impetus. New modern town planning gave priority to amusement parks, stadiums and ornamental avenues and long drive ways especially along the canal banks. It brought awareness in the private sector also; private nurseries came into being like mushrooms to cater the ever-increasing demand of public and prospering private sector. Celebrations daily on shrines, in health centers, weddings and reception of and farewell to pilgrims consume lot of flowers. Daily decoration of office and residence has become a culture. In view thereof, Government of Punjab took initiative towards Training, Research and Development of Floriculture in 1987.